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Let's hear it for the boys....and Taylor!

Thanks to Bryn Nikole for sending us her lovely picture of Prince Harry! And to Kate Buckley for her picture of Benedict Cumberbatch bringing her coffee and croissants! Thanks to Suvi Oranen for this great picture from the Colour Me Good ARRGGGHHHH! Thanks to Stephanie Lauren from Norwich for this wonderful spot the difference picture of her and Taylor Swift! Josie Cruea has drawn herself with Benedict Cumberbatch getting ready for the Oscars!  

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Hiddles hiddles everywhere...

Some more fantastic Tom Hiddleston colouring-in here, from Linda in Vienna! Bianca from London had a certain old friend of Tom's come to cause him trouble... And a wild background here! Grace from Indonesia drew a fantastic birthday party for Tom!

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This lovely Benedict Cumberbatch picture was sent in my Alice Bell, aged 24 from the UK And this lovely Benedict Cumberbatch was sent in by Grace who is 36 and in Indonesia! This inspired use of the chair page of Benedict Cumberbatch's book is from Jo, who is 17 from the UK! This glorious emo Benny was from Aisha, from the UK Aeri, 23, in Japan, has this beautiful birthday message for Benedict! Elsie, from the UK, cracked out her artist's felt tips for this Benny! (Nice shading on the dimple) Laurentia, 33, from France had a classy Cumberbatch triptych to display.  Zasha, 21, from Indonesia, had some fun setting Benedict up with his perpetual co-star, Martin Freeman.  Kate Buckley...

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